The Spring Grove Fire Protection District offers a full range of Fire Prevention Programs, including both educational and inspection services.  Battalion Chief Julie Tobiasz (Click on her name to get to her e-mail) heads the Division.  Below you will find a description of the various programs offered by the District:




The Spring Grove Fire Protection District (SGFPD) annually inspects District businesses and common areas of multi-family buildings.  Inspections are typically scheduled in advance.  The inspection is designed to identify fire and safety hazards and to update our pre-plan. For larger buildings, we typically have the on-duty crew attend and participate.  Our getting to see a building/business when in normal operation makes it easier for us to plan for the an emergency at your location and gives Firefighters a look at the various businesses in Spring Grove before there is a fire.  Should we identify items that require correction (apparent code violations), owners/occupants are typically given thirty (30) days to correct.  Immediately dangerous situations, e.g. a blocked EXIT, require the owner/occupant’s immediate attention.  Buildings with fire prevention systems, e.g. sprinkler, alarm, hood & duct, require annual inspection by your service provider, ideally prior to our inspection.  Please contact them to schedule their inspection.  The SGFPD follows the various codes of the Building Authority:  Spring Grove-2009 IBC, Fox Lake-2006 IBC, McHenry County-2006 IBC and NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code) as adopted by the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal.  Inspectors will leave a copy of their inspection form with the business owner at the end of the inspection.  (A copy of the inspection form will be placed on this site in the near future).

The SGFPD also participates with the various Villages and with McHenry County Planning and Development for plan review and inspectional services, particularly for fire prevention systems.  Both the Village of Spring Grove and the SGFPD utilize the services of the engineers at Fire Safety Consultants, Inc. (FSCI, INC.) to review plans.  A fee is involved, payable to FSCI, both for the plan review and the inspection and is based on the number of devices in the system.