FF Association

The Spring Grove Firefighter’s Association is a 501C3 Charitable Organization developed and run by the Spring Grove Firefighters.  They are a social organization that meets monthly at the fire station.  Primarily they raise funds that are used to provide FF education, equipment for the District, support for Explorer Post 1800, and a scholarship to a graduating RichmonBurton HS senior.  Annually they hold a Steak Fry in August  (Flyer forthcoming).  In the past, in addition to the scholarships, they provided funds to:  Build the training facility located behind the fire station, purchase much of the educational media for the main classroom, send firefighters to outside classes, help pay for the Explorer Post’s annual training at the Illinois Fire Institute (IFSI), and contribute to the purchase of the ATV and other District equipment.

The officers are (Click on their name to get their e-mail):

President Greg Gillund

Secretary Allie Justen

Treasurer Shawn Wismer

Note:  This site remains under construction with updates forthcoming.



Jun 29 - Thu
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