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SignThe SGFPD is a branch of local government which provides Fire and Advanced Life Support (ALS-Paramedics) ambulance services to approximately 23.5 square miles of property located in Burton and Richmond Townships, McHenry County, IL.  The fire department, formerly known as the Burton-Richmond Fire Protection District began service in 1925 becoming a formal taxing Fire District in 1940.  The District added rescue/ambulance service in 1981 when the department moved into its new station located at 8214 Richardson Road.  Fire and ALS services are provided to approximately 8,500+ residents, primarily within the Village of Spring Grove, IL.  The department is currently 24/7 Paid on Premise (POP) assuring coverage for all residents within the district day and night.  Paid-on-Call (POC) and Volunteeer Members continue to respond to all calls to provide additional staff.

ISO Rating:  Class 5

In April 2015, ISO surveyed the Department and announced that effective October 1, 2015, the District’s rating improves to Class 5. ISO ratings are based on the District’s equipment and operations, the Village’s water supply, “hauled water” (for areas where there are no hydrants), dispatch and Fire Prevention Programs.  Insurance premiums are often based on ISO class, thought some insurance carriers have their own methods of determining their rates.  The District recommends that businesses and homeowners contact their insurance company after October 1,2015 do determine if a reduction in premium is possible.

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