Spring Grove Fire Protection District

8214 Richardson Rd.

Spring Grove, IL  60081-9489

Phone:  815-675-2450

Fax:  815-675-6284

Please click on the name of the individual you want to contact via e-mail. Trustee information can be found in Dist. Info.

Fire Chief Richard Tobiasz 

Deputy Chief Joe Tobiasz

Administrative Assistant (Vacant)

Ambulance Billing:  Michelle Krysiak

Freedom of Information (FOIA) Request

     Requests must be made in writing; an e-mail works.  Specific information regarding the request is required; dates, documents requested, etc.  There are no fees except as permitted by Illinois Law.  We are permitted additional time to fulfill commercial requests.

Fire Marshall/Public Education Coordinator:  Battalion Chief Julie Tobiasz

Training Officer AND EMS Coordinator:  Lieutenant Mike Lynn