ISO Rating-Class 6; Class 5 As Of October 1, 2015

The Spring Grove Fire Protection District has been rated a Class 6 ISO rating for the past 10 years.  A recent survey in April 2015, updated that rating to Class 5.  It is effective October 1, 2015.

The ISO rating is determined by surveying the District’s Fire Equipment and Operations, the Village’s Water System, “Hauled Water” (for areas without hydrants), Dispatch and Fire Prevention.  Points are awarded based on pre-determined criteria.

Many insurance companies rely on the ISO rating to determine premiums that businesses and homeowners pay for their insurance.  While the improvement from Class 6 to Class 5 (throughout the District) may mean a reduction in the premiums you are charged, other factors determined by your insurance company may limit savings.  We recommend you contact your insurance agent after October 1 to see if you can reduce your premium.  Some homes and businesses may also be eligible for a discount based on their nearness to a fire hydrant (or the dry hydrant in the Forest Ridge Subdivision).